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014: Black Romance Matters with Funmi B.: Equivalent Exchange by Christina C. Jones

Episode Summary

Funmi (romance reader, reviewer, aspiring writer), a fierce and passionate advocate for Black romance, shares her own story of becoming a romance reader, and we discuss who is worthy of a Happily Ever After. This week’s romance worth reading is Equivalent Exchange by Christina C. Jones. We discuss themes of therapy, health literacy, and what Black contemporary authors are doing to destigmatize mental health in their communities. We also talk about how books might not be for you...but why you should still read them.

Episode Notes

Guest: Funmi B.

Twitter: @FunmiReadsHEAs

Instagram: @When_Funmi_Met_Romance

We read:

Equivalent Exchange by Christina C. Jones

(Available on Kindle Unlimited)

Content Warning: off-page domestic and sexual abuse

Books mentioned:

Other mentions:

Trope Town: Therapy/Healing/Growth


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